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Author Archives: Maggie O’Brien

Should I fire my contractor?

You’ve been working with a general contractor on the home improvement project of your dreams. At first, he came across as dependable, good-natured and seemed to have a strong work ethic. What’s more, his bid was the lowest of any other contractor in town. It seemed like a remodeling match made in heaven.

Until it wasn’t ...

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When to avoid DIY

Those home improvement shows make it look soooooo easy.

Take an outdated or unattractive room in your house, buy a carload of supplies, reserve a weekend and poof! A Do-it-Yourself remodeling project that is completed on time, under budget and looking even better than expected.

DIY sounds really great, right? But the truth is, a lot of ...

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How do I decide which room to remodel first?

No matter how beautiful and modern your home is, it’s going to feel dated after a few years. Let’s be honest: trends come and go. Anyone remember when red accent walls were all the rage?

Aesthetics aside, you should consider remodeling areas of your home so they stay fresh and appealing in the event you ever ...

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How to save on home improvement and building costs

Most of us see plenty of dollar signs when we think about building or renovating our homes. And why wouldn’t we? Home construction costs are up as much as 3 percent nationally from 2017, relators and contractors say.

There are so many projects to choose from as we imagine our dream homes. Every single one has ...

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