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Updated Living Room during Christmas time

You had 30 people at your house on Christmas Eve, and another 10 on Christmas morning. The house was beautifully decorated and festive. But as you prepared the meals and cleaned before your guests arrived, you couldn’t help but notice how outdated your kitchen was. Or that the guest bathroom was looking a little rough and unattractive. You should have put in those hardwood floors you thought about last summer, right? Yes. Too late now.

Remodeled Living RoomNext year, make sure your home improvement goals are met by visiting Contractor Scan. We can help you find a reliable, licensed professional contractor to help make your home as amazing as you dream it to be – during the holidays and throughout the entire year.

When to start?

Summer is the busiest time of year for contractors – it’s remodeling season! So if you want to fix up your house before the next holiday season, begin researching and booking jobs now. Not sure what rooms or areas need the most attention? Here are some ideas of what to fix up, first.

  • Remodel your kitchen. We write a lot about kitchen remodeling at Contractor Scan, and with good reason: It’s the number one place in your home where people gather and spend the most time. According to HGTV, even a minor kitchen remodel can bring a $15,000 return on investment if and when you go to sell your house. And that’s a minor remodel. It’s estimated that families spend most of of their time in the kitchen, eating, drinking and entertaining. It’s also usually the first room of the house potential buyers walk through and the one that leaves the first impression. Upgrade it now.
  • Fix up your fireplace. It’s not on your radar when the weather is warm, but come November and December, you will like the festive feeling a beautiful, functioning fireplace will bring to your home. And it makes the house warmer, literally and figuratively. Summer is the best time to hire a fireplace contractor, as most people don’t think about such upgrades until the weather gets colder. New fireplace stone alone can give the entire home a different look and feel.
  • Paint the exterior of your house – and the inside. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! Hire a painter whose talent and budget you like. Fall Isa great time to paint the outside, as power washing should be done first and he can remove the grime of the summer. A professional is the only way to go. it’s safer, and easier and faster so that you are even more proud to hang those holiday lights after Turkey Day.
  • Renovate the Bathroom. Summer is the most popular time to renovate a bathroom – book now as your contractor will be busy giving other bathrooms a facelift between May and September! Refresh the paint, update the flooring, install some new tile and replace the toilet, shower and sink. You will be happy to show holiday guests the way to your beautiful powder room.
  • Replace your carpets. Do this in the spring, after the traction of winter weather has set in and done its damage. Winter creates a mess indoors and causes a lot of grime to be pounded deep into the carpet – and it can build up over the years. Eradicate germs and bacteria early on, so that they are clean and healthy by the time the holidays season rolls around again. Plus, your home will have a completely different look and feel you and your guests will enjoy.

Paint My HouseThere’s no perfect time to start a home improvement project – so plan it now! Get the work done in plenty of time so that next Christmas, you can focus on enjoying your time with friends and family instead of worrying about your outdated cabinets, dingy carpet and 1980s fixtures. Good luck – and happy holidays!

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