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How to create a home improvement budget

Home improvement isn’t cheap. And it shouldn’t be – your home is your castle, as they say, as well as an investment in your future.

Even so, the price tag to remodel a 3,000 to 4,000 square-foot home can cost you $40,000. An estimated $10,000 is needed to remodel a bathroom; $20,000 or so will renovate ...

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How to hire a kitchen contractor

Americans only spend about an hour each day on meal preparation and cleanup, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Even so, the kitchen is the most popular room in most homes across the country.

Along with cooking and cleanup, people use the kitchen for dining, socializing, working, doing homework or even watching TV. The kitchen ...

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Feeling blah? Home improvement can cure the wintertime blues

Winter typically lasts 89 days. It can seem twice that long when the weather is really, really cold, you’ve been cooped up inside for months and the summer sun feels like a fond, yet distant memory.

Most of us get the winter blues every now and then – especially if you live in areas of the ...

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What are your home improvement resolutions for 2019?

We’ve been addressing home improvement-related New Year’s resolutions on our Facebook page. And with good reason: Many of us have dated kitchen tiles we’ve been putting off replacing, a house that desperately needs new siding, a backyard deck with wood rotting in certain areas or energy-saving upgrades that we know would save us money down ...

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