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How to save on home improvement and building costs

Most of us see plenty of dollar signs when we think about building or renovating our homes. And why wouldn’t we? Home construction costs are up as much as 3 percent nationally from 2017, relators and contractors say.

There are so many projects to choose from as we imagine our dream homes. Every single one has ...

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How to avoid stress during home renovation

Home renovation stress is real. And it can wreak havoc on your family life, not to mention the home improvement project itself.

A lot goes into planning a home renovation: Deciding what you want, figuring out your budget and selecting a contractor are a few – and that’s stuff that happens before the project itself even ...

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How to choose a contractor for your home improvement project

Many people say choosing a contractor is one of the most overwhelming aspects of home renovation. And with good reason: The wrong contractor can cost you time and money.

Everyone has heard of or read about horror stories of contractors who accepted a deposit but didn’t show up to work; did a shoddy job that someone ...

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